Azhar Shemdin ; Creative Artist inspired by Nature.



This artist works quietly, and paints her world with colours that are derived from her love of nature.  When contemplating the bright and happy realm that pervades her artwork, one is overtaken by a pure sense of ecstasy.  Beyond her calm and quiet demeanour, lies an astonishing body “ oeuvre” of creativity.  She does not need flashy advertisements, nor grand invitations, because, her art has identified her as a creative force, and attested to the strong impact of her brush strokes and amazing sense of colour...   She is the artist Azhar Shemdin!
Can you stop watching television and Internet, stop listening to radio, music, lectures, talkingbooks and anything that gives you input from others for a week? If you do, your creative ideas will flow from within, your body will follow suit by creating new artworks, and a euphoric state of peace will descend upon you. I did it, and it felt so amazing that I extended it to one month.”
(Azhar Shemdin)


The Art Of Azhar Shemdin


Award Winning Canadian And International Artist
She uses resist materials with mixed media and liquid acrylics, resulting in surprising and unexpected outcomes.
Her work has been cited locally and internationally in journals, magazines, newspapers, radio, television and the Internet, and her paintings are included in numerous private and public collections in Canada, U.S.A., Europe, Russia, Australia, the Middle East and the Caribbean.
Azhar Shemdin has a BSc. from Al-Hikma University in Baghdad, an M.A. from the American University of Beirut, a B. Ed. from the University of Toronto, a Visual Art Specialist in Education from the University of Toronto, and more than ten years of part-time art studies at Ontario College of Art and Design, and Sheridan College.
Azhar has taught art at Sheridan College, Art Gallery of Burlington, Royal Botanical Gardens and Halton Board of Education.
She paints in her studio on the shores of Lake Ontario in Burlington.
A search in Google for Azhar Shemdin will lead to many websites that show her work.

She could be reached at:

Studio Tel: 1-905-681-6573 (landline, please, leave verbal messages only)

“Flowering Tree of Magical Life”. Size:  5X7.5 feet.  Liquid acrylic on canvas

Image (1)

“Yearning for Homeland”, 30X30 inches, acrylic on canvas.

Image (2)

“Powerful Nature”, 24X24 inches, liquid acrylic on canvas.

Image (3)

“Life is a Lake”, size: 3X5 feet.  Liquid acrylic on canvas.

Image (4)

“Interior”, Alice Peck Award winner, at Art Gallery of Burlington.  1X1 foot, acrylic on canvas.
Image (5)

“Legends of the Sea”, size:  100X 108 cm.  Liquid acrylic on canvas.

Image (6)

“A Perfect Day”, size 30X30 inches. Acrylic on canvas.

Image (7)
“Self Portrait” by Azhar Shemdin

Image (8)

This painting is “Forest Man”

Image (9)


“Azhar Shemdin’s art in the year 2019 Calendar

Azhar Shemdin art calendar for 2019 This calendar shows thirteen colourful paintings by Azhar Shemdin, including January 2020. The size of the calendar, when open is 11 inches by 17 inches (28cm by 43cm). The calendar was carefully checked for colour accuracy and approved by the artist on the premises of the printer in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. It is printed on high quality silk card stock with beautiful sheen. This is a limited edition of only 150 copies, each is numbered and signed by the artist

Image (11)



Image (12)


Image (13)

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