Ottoman monuments in Macedonia

Zoran Pavlov

Islamic monuments in Macedonia are spectacular buildings, which have been telling the story of the Ottoman Empire’s wealth and magnificence even to this day. In the late 14th century, Macedonia was part of the Ottoman Empire, which was one of the la...

How the Moon Became Beautiful

Inas Talib

The Moon is very beautiful with his round, bright face which shines with soft and gentle light on all the world of man. But once there was a time when he was not so beautiful as he is now. Six thousand years ago the face of the Moon became changed i...

A scarf of People's Moaning

Hashim Al Moussawi

Haven't you been a sail directed towards the whole world very close to distant lands?  Haven't you been the bride of sea and land?  Haven't you been the sunrise of God in the dawn of dynasties?  You were the begging of life and the first step of a gr...

Role of a dome/Traditional Values of Muslims

  The architectural style has been a means of expression of thought in constructive form. Every civilization developed its own architectural style which became its identity. The dome is considered as one of the most important elements in t...

New book

Ahmed Mousa Jiyad

Resource-Revenue Issues of Iraq Extractive Industry: My Book Dear friends and colleagues I am delighted to announce that my new book entitled “Governing Modalities of the Extractive Industry in Iraq, Resource-Revenue Management Issues” has just been...

Mice serenade each other with love songs when attracting a mate

Catherine Perrodin

      Catherine Perrodin@c_perrodin Did you know that male mice sing elaborated, ultrasonic “love” songs to attract females? All this at frequencies so high-pitched that they are inaudib...

In fire-hit rural Australia, climate debate burns deep

  Returning from a morning feeding his sheep, Jeff McCole, a 70-year-old farmer, paused to take in the bittersweet scene – a few droplets of rain falling onto the remains of his fire-ravaged home Reuters .

Assyrian monument discovered at the heart of Assyria -in Duhok (north of Iraq)

Dawlat Abouna/ Baghdad

From/ Dawlat Abouna/ Baghdad Ten new rock reliefs showing the Assyrian king and the gods of Assyria sculpted along a large rock-cut irrigation canal. By the Italian Archaeologists from (University of Udine – Italy). The team made discovery in the ar...

Divine Elevations

Amal Radwan

Translated by: Fathia Asfour Palestinian poet & tranlator **************************** Divine Elevations *The ghost of my tear mumbles  on a barren woman's breast.... rolls me in the moans of a cloud that sheds you in a pond,  wide open for remembran...

Al-Arabiya Renowned Anchor Najwa Kassem Passes Away

    Of -AL-sharq Al-Awsat   Arab media and viewers were shocked at the news of the death of renowned Lebanese TV anchor Najwa Kassem, who passed away unexpectedly on Thursday in Dubai.   Kassem, 52, worked as a reporter for Future TV for 11 years,...

معكم هو مشروع تطوعي مستقل ، بحاجة إلى مساعدتكم ودعمكم لاجل استمراره ، فبدعمه سنوياً بمبلغ 10 دولارات أو اكثر حسب الامكانية نضمن استمراره. فالقاعدة الأساسية لادامة عملنا التطوعي ولضمان استقلاليته سياسياً هي استقلاله مادياً. بدعمكم المالي تقدمون مساهمة مهمة بتقوية قاعدتنا واستمرارنا على رفض استلام أي أنواع من الدعم من أي نظام أو مؤسسة. يمكنكم التبرع مباشرة بواسطة الكريدت كارد او عبر الباي بال.


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