If I die


  My deep fractures Far from mine, of my land I've been looking for love in you Who strike me dead, reading my letters If I die, know I've given everything My patience, my wisdom Hiding in my faith To protect my be And above all that you have confide...

Othman WaqiAllah's love and devotion for art of arabic callegraphfy

Akia Karim

Waqi Allah is one of the most important calligraphers in the Arab world. He loved the Arabic letter, and gave it from his inventory an exceptional artistic energy, and because he possesses in his depths a great energy of creativity, so he set out wi...

The Grande Dame of Design: Rossana Orlandi

Italian Rossana Orlandi is considered an institution in the Milanese design world. The 76-year-old grande dame of design originally came from the fashion industry. But she has always had an eye for unusual design After a successful debut at Ro...

In the windward of isolation pavement /poem

ترجمة حسن حجازي/ مصر

Author: Amal Radwan (Palestinian poet) Translator: Hassan Hegazy (Egypt)   The unknown that is buried behind my heart  I much fear it condensing illusion  Over the ledges of its cover  I fear it concealing in its soft fine clouds   the moons of my dr...

My Lord, Consul of Babylon,” is a novel that narrates the tragedy of citizen without a nationality

  From the heart of the experience of writer Nabil Nouri to Kazar Mohan, who was born to an Iraqi father and a Moroccan mother, and spent the first twenty years of his life "without a nationality", the novel "Sidi Consul Babel" was born, issued by...

The Precursor of Contemporary Expressionist Art in Iraq

Saad Al-Jadir

Khalid Al-Jadir was amongst the most outstanding, brilliant and inventive men of the Iraqi Art movement in twentieth century. He was one of those most extraordinary artists in the history of modern Iraqi and Arab art, attracting wide acknowledge...

A Lost Dream

Dr. Hashim AL-Mousawi

  Translated by Prof.Dr.Hameed Al-Hamadi    1 Sorrows        Oh! You City! Do you know when once a poet compared what he was bearing of concerns to what you were bearing? He, astonishingly, found that your concerns were much more than his.   2 A Lost...

A Sad State Of Freedom

Translated by Taner Baybars

  Nazim Hikmet   You waste the attention of your eyes, the glittering labour of your hands, and knead the dough enough for dozens of loaves of which you'll taste not a morsel; you are free to slave for others— you are free to make the rich richer....

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 November

    Why should we eliminate violence against women? Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread, persistent and destructive human rights violations in our world today, but most of it remains unreported due to the lack of...

Nobody knows my name

Khaled Al-Hilli

translation into English by Dr. Ragheed Al-Nahhas   The poet  says that the poems of this group are the ones that chose themselves from among many poems, because of their emotional and intellectual closeness to themselves, and perha...

معكم هو مشروع تطوعي مستقل ، بحاجة إلى مساعدتكم ودعمكم لاجل استمراره ، فبدعمه سنوياً بمبلغ 10 دولارات أو اكثر حسب الامكانية نضمن استمراره. فالقاعدة الأساسية لادامة عملنا التطوعي ولضمان استقلاليته سياسياً هي استقلاله مادياً. بدعمكم المالي تقدمون مساهمة مهمة بتقوية قاعدتنا واستمرارنا على رفض استلام أي أنواع من الدعم من أي نظام أو مؤسسة. يمكنكم التبرع مباشرة بواسطة الكريدت كارد او عبر الباي بال.


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